I have been the passive captive For ten score and 20 years Now my anger and my rage Adds to my madness they fear I have been a passive captive Now I protest all of the way They force toxins into my body Which is mine alone I say I have been the passive captive […]

RECYCLING Recycling what a hassle! Our bin men are pumping muscle Tins, paper, food and plastic Mounting up mums become drastic Kitchens which should be spic n span With rubbish are now overran Every day in all weather Going out to the bins don’t seem clever But we’ve had it good for much too long […]


We wouldn’t be without My Taxis Run by Big and Little sis’ During the day we all see The girls driving us from A to B Set backs they have had But carried on and I am glad The tragic loss of Debbie’s Audi I miss that hot seat what used to warm me Picking […]


Kids do so love their dummies But is it a trait of lazy mummies? All of those in Baby Know Are now saying dummies should go But what if babies had a voice They might say “Dummies? Our choice!” Why is a comforter wrong? It gives a baby a lullaby song Hundreds of years they […]


Imagination the movies of a wonderlust mind Always travelling to the borders of insanity And the crucible of the rich tapestry of life A childhood phenomena To a grown up story Alive and kicking in an active thought Never to pretend And always pretending The truth is reality The documentary of a lifestyle!


    What is a teardrop made of? Is it like a snowflake? Individual! It comes from the heart Always! Teardrops are beautiful They glisten in the sunshine They are salty Like drops of sea So many So many in my lifetime To fall Like rain drops From a weathered heart You have the power […]


I’m tired he’ll say In bed night and day Some call it Blackdog Nothing works as it should Life’s tumulus sorrows Please come round tomorrow! Walk away from this dark dark cloud More happiness you should be allowed Those eyes what do they see? Emotions of hurt to such a degree Young you have your […]