If you eat a lot of food

And it is your addiction

Finding strangers do make fun

At the plight of your affliction

That you secretly eat to ease your mood

Coz problems you do have

That this eating of your food

Lifts you and makes you glad

Putting on all those pounds

Your life could be at risk

Its time to exercise

And do all those heavy lifts

Before you go and lose your life

Think on while you are eating

All those chocolate bars, crisps and biscuits

Your Maker you’ll me meeting

If you cut down and exercise

You will discover

A new life you have found

Better then any other

But if you cannot achieve this goal

And slim you don’t become

Then it is your own life

And your not the only one

If eating makes you happy

Even if it shortens your life

At least you enjoy it

And it takes away your strife

But if you find your miserable

And each day becomes a chore

Then don’t just sit there

Diet I implore

Dieting you could do

And slimmer you could be

Just exercise and eat less

The weight will drop off you’ll see!

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