Artistic Hands!

animals food hands hamsters black background 1920x1200 wallpaper_www.knowledgehi.com_38

His playing fingers of sensitive plight

Came to visit me on that night

Two gin and tonics in the bar

An embrace later my legs ajar

Most kindly is the question

Do I now rebuff his affection

Because after the deed in morning wilt

My head and heart riddled with guilt

Those hands who guitars strum

Had embraced my bum

My shame it took just a gin

In ardor to commit the sin

Too late now to take it slowly

Do I become all holy?

Weather my vane

Now in the rain

Sing to me a blackbird song

Please don’t say so long!

And even though I do complain

Your artistic hands drove me insane

So return and answer my text

I really don’t want my fate to be a nun come next!

A choir in church I could sing

And God’s blessing to me it would bring

But a rock n roll singer

If in my life he would linger

I would write sonnet after sonnet

And love would surely grow upon it?

Finally if on heaven’s door I knock

And confess with a singer I did rock

Who cares if I am sent down to hell

Because here on Earth I lived really well!

So now I await my fate

Is it all too late?

And do his loving I regret

Do I wish we had never met?

The answer is simply “No!”

Give me this singer anytime and his crescendo!


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