The Market



She stood at the stop

Feeling the cool breeze tussle her scented hair

Lacey spider cobwebs were blowing easy on the shelter

As were all the cobwebs of the Winter

Blowing away and out of the people

With the sunshine on their summer faces

The chunering bus was chugging

along with gossip and friendly gestures

Townsfolk disembarking for market day

Heading for the beauty parlor where she had left her bracelets

The glowing ivory skin of the young assistant

Smiled and raised her

Then onto the vegetables and fruit

She picked out dusty covered blueberries

And rapturous red raspberries

Which she would devour with honey

Fitting nicely into her diet

The text of her lover saying she was a sexy lady

So wanting to please she also picked out

Juicy red tomatoes needing her body to be juicy

Although 65 this coming June

The juices still flowed

Onto the flower stall

She picked a budding pale pink Fuchsia which had been sunbathing

Assured by the young seller it was well watered

Embarking on the bus home

Hot after her strawberry tea

Happiness reigned for the townsfolk and her

And her memories would grow

Along with the purple flowers of the Fuchsia

And the Summer nights in the warm jade satin sheets with her lover!

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