When you are alone you are not always lonely

But when you are alone and empty you are

Sitting by yourself for hours watching a TV that isn’t switched on

Smoking a cigarette that isn’t lit

Inside the out of reality moments that don’t exist

Just sitting in an empty chair

You are frightened not to exist but none existence is a comfort

Where is my life? I ask

And I can’t find it

My life has gone nowhere to be seen

Because there is nobody here to recognize the endless ticking seconds

To say I have no one is a lie

But to say I am not alone wouldn’t be true

I exist in a place where the none existing live

And even this lonely feeling is not alone

But I am as lonely as the grave

Except when I will be buried it will be alongside you

Maybe in death I will find my companionship?

And in my eternal life

I will be warm with  you!

6 thoughts on “EMPTY

  1. Hi ann, i know how you feel here. Even though i have never been married or had any partner to lose, nevertheless the combination of loneliness and being alone can be deadly, even just feeling alone and feeling lonely. Why dont people who are so called “helpers” umderstand how these dangers are far more deadly than any so called “mental illness”?! But of course, then they would have to see it as a “symptom” and treat it, god knows how, rather than simply respond as one human to another, with kindnes and compassion,


    • I agree so much Pam. But we don’t just need to rely on others we must become empowered and control our own lives. We must have more say in everything that concerns us. We need to become free! Thank you for liking my poem!


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