Wonderful – I’ve lost the lottery again!



Today I checked my lottery winnings

And I found I had lost once more

But something occurred as I was checking

I was glad I hadn’t won unlike before

You see my son and I are not ordinary

And from time to time we lose our minds

And if we had millions the extraordinary

We would be in danger of our lives

My son would board his private jet

And travel to a place somewhere out of reach

And do things he would regret

And danger he would meet

And nurses in the crisis they would find

To get him to a safety bed

Power he would have in his sick mind

He could end up wounded or dead

So I checked my numbers this morning once again

And thought to myself I was happy I hadn’t won

Because at present we are sane

And beyond wealth I still have my son!

There is a moral to my story

And all the money in this world

A life peaceful and ordinary

Can be rich beyond words!




















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