What’s  in a smile? Makes you stop awhile Tiny jewels of emotion Can cause heart commotion Every mother is proud Baby’s smiling she cries out loud And when you smile you know it’s right To stop a while your plight A smile is a little glow That brightens the world somehow But the bravest gesture […]


These poems were written by my brother who died on the 22nd April 1977. He was wrapped up in the psychiatric system and had been on medication for several years. One day just before his death he asked me the question “Do you think psychiatric medication works?” I always being honest with him said “No!”. […]


  What legacy did Imelda leave? Hording shoes like baby digits The upping of a posture High heeled to legs at the top And toes as red as crimson Slide into slippers that feed foot balm Tripping over a staircase made of slithery soles Ankle straps made of a misrepresented blossoming Sensible professorship’s happy feet […]


  Little pockets Little pockets That cosset the memories of life Little pockets Little pockets For hands left out in the cold Little pockets Little pockets Hold comfort in the jacket of existence Little pockets Little pockets Hold secrets of childhood with conkers and sticky toffees Little pockets Little pockets Are sanctuary for abused fingers […]

The Fat Psychiatrist

    Tell me please why are you so huge? I don’t mean to be rude You say it’s from Statins taking A heart condition in the making I am here today for my review Fat and big just like you Please excuse me if I can’t sit still Seems it’s something to do with […]