This satisfaction game Of desire within Love on a latch A Summer’s open window Invitation of the heart For the freshness Of a ripe young fruit To be eaten at leisure Happiness in quantities Of the succulence A vibrant touch Tingling bursts Every inch a pleasure In a lifetime’s book of tastes Given in the […]


  The crystals of a heart almost crushed With the fist of life’s cares and woes But never finding in it’s glistening light This heart, this love This eve One day fades it’s bright And no more to shine But wait to see in darkness There will always exist The Crystal Star!

The Big ‘C’

  When you find you have the Big ‘C’ And your life is in the balance You might say “Why me?” Every day becomes a challenge   I would be asking “How long?” “My days on Earth have left?” “To sing life’s song?” I would become bereft   But I haven’t been told that word […]


  What is a place of peace For an erupting mind?   A place of still cool waters To extinguish burning thoughts?   This place of heaven after the hell The before never existing To be sent in relief   Saved from drowning In a squalor   The torment To the comfort   A delight […]