Mad in America Theme Dancing on a moonbeam When captured outside at night Howling a furry sight In woods rustled with leaves Two mates did conceive Pups of mini thieves Who stole away people’s minds And worked madly kind Shining down they did find A deep mental mine Where puppy wolves could dig Sanity sugar […]


These poems were written by my brother who died on the 22nd April 1977. He was wrapped up in the psychiatric system and had been on medication for several years. One day just before his death he asked me the question “Do you think psychiatric medication works?” I always being honest with him said “No!”. […]

The Fat Psychiatrist

    Tell me please why are you so huge? I don’t mean to be rude You say it’s from Statins taking A heart condition in the making I am here today for my review Fat and big just like you Please excuse me if I can’t sit still Seems it’s something to do with […]


Merging balls of flashing fur Biting soft with back legs butting fast Tussling into meows Then flashing across the floor Speeding paws and striking tabby stripes Innocence in a wide eyed face Of button noses and pink mouths Claws attacking docile feet Scratched into playful submission Purring into a suckle on a fluffy dressing gown […]


That day I remember so very well Dad told me no longer on Earth you did dwell The cry in my heart that leaped out Knowing you were gone without a doubt “No No!” I cried out loud Your life was worth more than your shroud The thought of how you died Broke us and […]


A Voodoo child Casting spells on the spirit overwhelmed Consider me this as I cry human Locked in with justice that has never been Mad am I to the beholder As I walk through the maze of my life Essence of a light eternally existing Freedom is my game as a beam of sunlight Melts away the bars […]