Who would have thought it? That cats had such power? Two simple Tabbys purring On my knee when my life was sour? My teardrops falling down my face When people have abandoned me so That a cat curled up on my shoulder Gave me all his love in this dark place I want to die […]


  When morning brings a lovers kiss Two hearts entwined in bathroom mist Tooth brushing takes little time And shaving comes to mind Soft soap warm water and razor Bathroom etiquette is major Removing hairy legs, underarms and petal When grooming becomes essential A lady’s request should be acknowledge For her man to be clean […]


These poems were written by my brother who died on the 22nd April 1977. He was wrapped up in the psychiatric system and had been on medication for several years. One day just before his death he asked me the question “Do you think psychiatric medication works?” I always being honest with him said “No!”. […]