There was a lonely strawberry

Who lived upon my body

Who yearned to share

Her life with a buddy

She sought out sugar

And yearned for cream

Out of sight and hidden

She had never been seen

Her one true love

Had never gazed upon her

She wondered if she would be good enough?

But realizing one day

That each strawberry is a delight

If served with sugar

And cream in the night

Lonely little strawberry

Went to bed

Looking forward to her lover

As he needed to be fed

Both sugar and cream

And a taste of summer

Surely he would love her

And enjoy her fruity burst

Acquire her to his heart

And never love another!!









Wonderful – I’ve lost the lottery again!



Today I checked my lottery winnings

And I found I had lost once more

But something occurred as I was checking

I was glad I hadn’t won unlike before

You see my son and I are not ordinary

And from time to time we lose our minds

And if we had millions the extraordinary

We would be in danger of our lives

My son would board his private jet

And travel to a place somewhere out of reach

And do things he would regret

And danger he would meet

And nurses in the crisis they would find

To get him to a safety bed

Power he would have in his sick mind

He could end up wounded or dead

So I checked my numbers this morning once again

And thought to myself I was happy I hadn’t won

Because at present we are sane

And beyond wealth I still have my son!

There is a moral to my story

And all the money in this world

A life peaceful and ordinary

Can be rich beyond words!




















The Mad Woman’s Sundial



The sun shone on my sundial

The shadow reached twelve

Born loved and poor

I laughed and cried

The sun shone on my sundial

The shadow reached three

Branded through trauma

I laughed and cried

The sun shone on my sundial

The shadow reached six

True love gave me a child

I laughed and cried

The sun shone on my sundial

The shadow reached nine

Hospital prison days merging with warm sunsets

I laughed and cried

The moon shone on my sundial

The shadow reached twelve

Freedom’s nectar is tasted

I laughed and cried

The stars shine on my sundial

All shadows are gone

A trilling blue bird on the wing

Singing I fly and my life has begun!
































Kith of my soul

Matriarch of my bones

You tended a heart

Born from your womb

A balm for a volcanic mind

You kept me free from medicine men

Where your riches were few

You found treasures in your children

And if I were to live

Until my hundredth year or more

A lifetime’s passage to be born again

In my sixtieth year

I will dance the waltz of a dizzy spin

In thanks to you

For a love I have lived

And found deep in my heart

You tended so well!

The story of the book of my life

It’s chapters you embrace

The greatest story ever told!














The jewels in the crown

Have radiated upon

The gifts they have

Glisten in the sun

Royal blooded women giving life

Cubs at their breast

A lioness in their ways

The royal crest

Pride in my country that was given

Stories of a princess and queen

And England’s treasures

Shall reign supreme

Swans in flight fanning

Above green castle and moat

Once again give a nation

The gift of hope

Royal voices speaking

The young bells are ringing

Messages from the heart

Now have England’s people singing!







What is this flowing warm inside my heart?

I take what you give freely

And we walk awhile

And I pour myself onto you

You give my troubles sanctuary

I wrap my cold mind in your furry feelings

That in you I trust sound and secure

Love that word of giant imagenings

Takes over my soul

And leads me home to a happy laughing brook

Where I find I paddle in the sunshine

And dance in the sparkling tipped froth

My feet landing firm

In life’s path of deep emotions

Hand in hand with you

Touching but still untouched

Voices joined across the skies

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